Brief Movie Review: WarCraft (2016)

I am not a fan of Warcraft.

I am a huge, tremendous fan and hardcore player. I played the first Warcraft RTS in the nineties, back when there were only two races; orcs and humans. I have followed every step of the lore, seeing it expand from a mere “blue guys hate red guys” into a massive fantasy saga with extremely complicated lore.

So imagine my excitement for this movie, then imagine my disappointment.

The movie follows the first encounter between the humans of Azeroth and the orcs of Draenor, a part of the lore which isn’t fully playable in-game, but covered as either stories or memories. Experienced fans will immediately recognize and hail characters like Anduin Lothar, Llane Wrynn, Durotan, Gul’Dan…etc. but unfortunately for me, this is where the excitement sparks then quickly fades.

Let’s start with the good. The visual effects are…what can I say? These are the most detailed, lifelike effects you will ever see, something to tell your kids about when you’re old. The CGI horde characters are acting better than their human adversaries! Their sweaty faces, skin pores, cracked fangs are breathing in your face from the screen. Blackhand especially looks pretty scary with those glowing eyes. Cities, creatures and the scattered Easter eggs will definitely delight fans.

That’s it. Seriously.

Now to the bad. The story itself is a shame. Nothing like what we know. It is obvious that the producers have tried to shoot a film that appeals to both the fans and the newcomers, which resulted in this diluted, meaningless mess. The movie doesn’t satisfy me as a fan, and I am not sure that a newcomer can get to grips with enough lore in those two hours.

Lothar, Wrynn and Medivh all seem lost, as if they are surprised to be fighting, which is strange given their reputation as a fearless trio. Khadgar might be the only breath of fresh air here.

No spoilers, but is this Durotan’s story? Is this Blackhand’s part in the lore? Even worse, is this anything close to Garona?

Verdict? I can’t recommend this movie to anyone, but I am sure you’ll watch no matter what, because you are a loyal follower, and I can’t blame you.

You are not prepared!

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